August 21, 2010

Picture Update

Here's a big picture update of our many adventures over the last few months :)

These first 2 are older pictures, but cute nonetheless

First day of nursery

Up close of her hair. We put it in foam rollers overnight.

Baby Update

28 weeks

32 weeks

Charleston, SC trip

Playing in a fountain at Waterfront Park

Walking down the pier with Dad at the Waterfront Park

Touching a snake during our visit to the aquarium. She's not scared of anything!

We thought we'd be adventurous and give her some calamari. I thought she'd make a face and immediately spit it out, but she loved it! I think she alone ate half the plate of calamari!

Children's museum in Charleston

The little kid grocery store was her favorite part!

Drawing a picture in the arts & crafts room at the children's museum

Drawing on the water wall with Dad at the children's museum.

While we were in Charleston, we were able to spend a little time at the beach.

One of the few pictures of Koryn and I from the trip.

In July my sister Kaylee was married and we were able to go down to Houston for a week.

Koryn in her flower girl dress

Nice shades!

Unfortunately, picture time was extremely hot and during her usual nap time. She was a little uncooperative and we saw this face more than a few times. haha!

Playing tag with cousin DeVon at Kaylee's reception

I'm not sure what she was looking at, but it's a cute picture :)

Enjoying ice cream after our tour of the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory. The best ice cream ever!

Koryn was introduced to Spongebob (thanks to DeVon) while we were in Houston and enjoyed watching cartoons with her cousin. Thankfully she has not asked for it since we got back.

We also had lots of time to play while in Houston. Koryn enjoyed playing with DeVon and "pa-pa." Notice the toys? It was pretty cool to see Koryn playing with toys that I enjoyed when I was little.

She also convinced "pa-pa" to read her lots of books. She is such a bookworm and loves having books read to her.

We were also able to enjoy some evening swim time while in Houston. Here's Koryn swimming with uncle Reed.

Since it's been extremely hot here recently we've been finding things to do inside. Here's Koryn playing in her fort with Dad. She wasn't too happy when we had to take it down.

Some of our close friends moved to Nebraska recently. Koryn still asks about their 3 girls. Here's her having fun with 2 of the girls shortly before they moved.

Koryn is growing up so fast and I can't believe that she looks like such a big girl now! Her hair is getting so long and I'm amazed it's already long enough to do this...

Here's a couple of cute and funny pictures that show how long her hair really is :)

As you can see we've been busy and we're having tons of fun. Now we're preparing for the arrival of Karter and getting everything ready for her. Koryn is so excited about baby Karter and likes to give my stomach hugs and kisses. I can't wait to see the two of them together.

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Tony and Kimra said...

she is way too freakin cute! i love the pictures of her and devon playing tag. they both look so happy