November 24, 2008

Time flies!

It's amazing how fast the time has gone since Koryn came. I can't believe that tomorrow will be 3 weeks since she was born! The past few weeks have been busy, crazy, tiring, and fun all at the same time. Justin was able to stay home for 2 weeks following her birth. It was nice to have him around to help! We spent a lot of time at home (I still do), but we have made a few trips out to run errands and random things. Here's some pictures of what's been happening the past few weeks.

Here's pictures from her first trip out! This was the day after we brought her home. I know some people will give me a hard time for taking her out so soon, but the weather was awesome and I needed to get out!

How cute is that headband? (Even if it is a tiny bit too big!)

She slept almost the whole time we were out and loved sitting in the car with the sun on her. So cute!

There was a BYU football game a couple days after we brought her home, so of course we got her all dressed up for the game!

Family pic during the game!

Her one week picture! (She didn't like the flash going off)

Her big milestone at one week was that we got her to take a bottle! It's great for me because now Justin can do a late night feeding while I sleep! So far Koryn has been a very easy going baby. She'll take 2 different kinds of pacifiers and she'll switch between breastfeeding and bottle without any problems! Yea!

Two weeks old! She's so much more awake and alert now!

She is so cute when she sleeps!

I love dressing her up in all her cute clothes!

We've mostly been hanging out at home, so not too many stories yet. We did go take a family photo this past weekend and once I get those back I'll post that. Also, I realized this weekend that it had been a couple of years since I cut my hair and it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love again. So I decided to cut my hair after we took family photos.