October 27, 2007

Both Good Days and Bad Days

Teaching Special Education has been quite the experience. My job can be very stressful, but also very rewarding. The school district can be a huge pain to work with and the school politics are extremely annoying, but things happen that make me smile and remember why I love what I do. My students amaze me and make me smile everyday. Here are two of the latest comments that I remember that made me smile. I was having a coughing attack one day (for no reason) and one of my students said "Mrs. Beasley, your husband is not going to be happy that you're sick!" I thought it was too funny and me laughing during my coughing attack only made things worse! After the ordeal was over, I was still laughing at what my student said. The other comment that always makes me laugh happens every Friday. We talk about what my students are going to do and then a student (never the same one) will say "Mrs. Beasley what are you going to do this weekend, watch football?" They know me too well! It's pretty funny that they say this all at once and they know it's true! Also, every Monday when they come in they'll say, "Mrs. Beasley you watched football all weekend, right?" Too funny!

One perk that my job has that I absolutely love is taking my students to compete in Special Olympics. I love being able to teach my students about different sports and then watching them compete. The best part has to be when they receive their medal. It doesn't matter what place they got, they are just so proud to have that medal. Their smiles and excitement are unforgettable. Yesterday was the bowling competition for Special Olympics and my students had a blast! They competed against 1-3 other students on their lane. The Special Education program at my school came home with 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 4 bronze medals and 1 4th place ribbon. They were so excited! I absolutely love my job!

My students with their Special Olympics Medals