November 6, 2009

Long Overdue

In July Koryn and I headed to Coeur d' Alene, ID for a reunion with my mom's side of the family. It was very different traveling with Koryn by myself this time. We spent almost an entire day on planes to get there. That was interesting to say the least :) Once we arrived we had a very busy, but fun week.

Here's all the siblings together.

We were able to get together with most of the aunts, uncles and cousins

My mom enjoyed being able to spen a week with both of her grandbabies.

Koryn really enjoyed getting to see her cousin for the first time. They had a great time together!

We spent a day playing at the beach at Lake Coeur d' Alene. Koryn wasn't too fond of the pebble sand, but enjoyed the water.

We spent another day at Silverwood (local amusement park) and had pictures taken of the babies. How cute is this!?

Koryn is getting bigger everyday. She now pulls up on everything and can walk if we hold her hands. As of this last weekend, she now has 11 teeth! She decided she would get all 4 1-year old molars in the same day. The funny thing was I had no idea she was teething until she bit my finger and I felt the teeth. haha! She also just turned 1 (pictures to come this weekend). We took a trip down to Myrtle Beach, SC for a few days the week before her birthday. It was way to short and so much fun.

We spent some time walking around the outlet mall and the outdoor mall called "Broadway at the Beach" One of Koryn's favorite things to do was to feed the fish. I was afraid she would try to eat the fish food, but she picked up pretty quickly how to pick up the food and drop it in the water. She would pick the food up 1 piece at a time and then hang her arm over the edge and open her hand or twist her fingers until it fell out. It was so cute to watch!

We spent 1/2 a day down at the beach. We would have like to have stayed longer, but it was getting pretty windy. Koryn didn't seem to mind though and started crying when she realized we were leaving.

Dad built a sandcastle and Koryn helped destroy it.

She also loved walking on the beach and would watch the waves as they came up and went over her feet.

We also visited the Ripley's Aquarium. Koryn loves anything to do with animals and this was no exception. She loved it!

She thought this touch tank for the stingrays was pretty cool.

She LOVED this touch tank. As much as she loves animals, she loves water even more.

She splashed so much that she scared all the horseshoe crabs away from her area. haha! When Justin decided she was done splashing both him and Koryn were pretty wet!

So cute!

This one is a little blurry, but one of my favorite pictures from the aquarium.

We took Koryn to a pumkin patch this year. She was not too sure about it at first, but once she saw Justin and I touching the pumpkins she was fine with it.

Here's just a preview, but to see the rest of the pictures click here.

We also took pictures of Koryn in her Halloween costume. She was the cutest fairy princess if you ask me. :) Again, click here to see the rest.

Due to bad weather, Koryn's only trick-or-treating this year was at the mall. We met up with a family from church. It was crowded and crazy, but we had a great time!

Enjoy until next time!

May 31, 2009


This is going to be a post with lots of pictures.

Justin and I dyed Easter eggs for Koryn :) Here she is with the eggs I made for her.

Here's Koryn in her adorable Easter dress!

My mom made each of us our own Easter baskets and I always loved getting it out each year and looking at it. I decided I to do this with my kids so I made Koryn a basket this year. Here's her basket with all of her goodies.

It turned out so cute and I love it! Here's a close up of the flower on the front.

Here's a picture of the little flower that is on each side.

Here's Justin's basket with all of his goodies. I made this basket for him our first Easter together.

We got our sod put in. Here's the front yard

We also finally got our fence put up. Here's Justin helping put up the cross bars.

Here's all of the planks up. We cut the top of the fence in a rainbow pattern, but I haven't taken a picture of that yet. I'll get one once we get the fence stained.

Here's a picture of the copper tops that we put on all the posts. You can get an idea of what the rainbow pattern looks like.

While the guys worked on the fence I took Koryn out to try out swimming. How cute is this swimsuit?

We got Koryn her very own tiny swimming pool. It was basically like a bath :)

We started Koryn on solid foods about 1 month ago. She loves rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, pears, bananas and apples. I thought we get some funny faces out of her, but we didn't get a single one! She loves it all!

Koryn is such a ham in front of the camera! How's this for a cute picture?

Justin was brave enough to do a Mother's Day project with Koryn involving paint. Here's some pictures of the process.

She looks so cute and I loved my artwork!

We also celebrated Justin's birthday. We had a football themed surprise party. Our friends the Allens and the Cooks came to celebrate.

Here's the cake. Yummy!

We also did a pinata. This was partly for Justin's entertainment, but also for our friends' daughters.

Sadly, we STILL have candy from the pinata and it's already been 2 weeks!

Justin and I also celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Has it really been 5 years? We got a babysitter for Koryn (her 2nd ever!) and she did so well! We went out to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was sooooo good!

For Memorial Day we got together with some friends for a BBQ. Too bad it kinda rained that day. Oh well, it was still fun. Here's Koryn all decked out in red, white and blue.

The other day Justin went to change Koryn's diaper and she came back looking like this.

Is it really that hard to dress a kid the right way? haha!

She loves to watch Baby Einstein movies. I usually get some from the library, but I haven't gone lately so we just watch the short clips on YouTube. Look at how happy she is! She was laughing at some animals that were on the screen right before I took the picture.

She loves tummy time and she just started working on getting up on her knees. She doesn't stay up too long so it's hard to get a picture. This is the best one I've gotten so far.

Her other new trick is to scoot backwards. She usually finds herself in situations like this.

She'll go backwards and turn at the same time and somehow always manages to get under the couches or stuck against the leg of the coffee table. I have a feeling it won't be too long before she's crawling. Where has my baby gone?

This is how she fell asleep the other night.

Is that not too cute!?

These are just some cute pictures I've taken lately.

Here's a video of her waving. It's so cute! She's kinda starting to figure it out.
Video thumbnail. Click to play
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You HAVE to watch this one. It's adorable! She has the cutest laugh! (Not that I'm biased or anything) :)