September 25, 2008

Baby Koryn Yvette at 8 months! (We are finally announcing the name!)

First, here are the ultrasound pictures from the last ultrasound. As you can tell she is getting big and doing well!

Now on to the 8 month post! First, here's my 8 months picture. I'm finally starting to really show! I don't look like I'm 8 months along and I get that comment constantly at work. I'm just happy knowing that she is doing well.

This last month has been crazy! Koryn is growing (and so is my belly!) and doing well. I am constantly amazed at how much one baby can move! She always lets me know what she is thinking and I just have to laugh. If she does not like the position I am sitting in she will either push out against my stomach or up into my ribs until I move. Once I move or change positions she stops. Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten back into the habit of walking and I will walk between 1 and 2 miles every couple of days. I enjoy walking quickly because it makes me feel like I am getting good exercise. However, if I am walking too fast or for too long Koryn will start to push against my stomach or down into my hips, which makes me slow down. Once she is happy with my speed or that I stopped, she calms down. My little girl is so funny! I guess she takes after her dad in being able to make decisions and decide what she wants since I am not very good at that! I cannot help but laugh at Koryn’s personality and I cannot wait until she is born to see if she changes at all.

I had my doctor’s appointment a couple of days ago and everything is going well. I am still measuring small so the doctor wants to do another ultrasound to measure Koryn’s growth. Since I measured small last month and she was fine there is no rush for this ultrasound so it will be done in 3 weeks when I go for my normal appointment. I am not worried that anything is wrong since I know that she was fine last time and she has not stopped moving at all! She moves all the time! I think that maybe one reason I’m measuring small is because I’m carrying her a little low and I think towards my back since she’ not really out front. I am not complaining about being small, and I love having ultrasounds so that I can see how she is doing, and how much she has grown and changed!

Everything is starting to come together with preparing for the baby! We pick up our furniture this weekend and we got our gliding rocker, stroller, car seat, and pack and play this week. I only have a little over 7 weeks at the most to prepare, so I am excited that everything is starting to come together! I cannot wait until we have her bedroom finished so that I can feel really ready to bring her home!