July 2, 2007

Vacation Day 1

Today was the first day on our vacation to Tennessee! We left the house and drove to western North Carolina to some waterfalls outside Asheville, NC. We first went to Bridal Veil Falls. It was supposed to be pretty cool, but this is what we ended up seeing.

It ended up not being so majestic, but it was still pretty. You used to be able to drive under the waterfall, but not anymore. The big rock on the left ended up falling and blocking the road so you can't drive under it, but you can still pull off to the side and walk around it.

After Bridal Veil Falls, we went to Dry Falls. This waterfall was a lot better. You're able to walk behind it to the other side. It was pretty cool! When you walked behind it you got misted, which was actually kinda fun! Here's a picture of us with the whole falls.

After the waterfalls, we randomly stopped in Cherokee, NC. It ended up being pretty fun. We saw a couple of Native Americans perform a dance show that was really interesting! Justin was wearing his Brigham Young University shirt and one of the performers saw it and was telling us that he graduated from there in 1984 (the best football year ever for BYU!). It was kinda cool to meet somebody out here that knows what BYU is, much less went there.

Our next stop along the way was Gatlinburg, TN. This was a very big tourist town, but very cool at the same time! We just walked along and looked at different stores, ate some really good BBQ at Corky's and played mini golf at Hillbilly Golf. The golf course is up on the side of a mountain and you ride a cart up the side of the mountain. It was pretty fun, but not too different from a regular mini golf cart. The first picture is of the golf course, and the second picture is one of the many traps you would see on the course.

After Gatlinburg, TN we finished our drive for the day and we are now resting in Knoxville, TN. I'll try to put more pictures up when I have time. More adventures to come soon!