March 24, 2008

Long Awaited Update!

First off, sorry it has been sooooo long! We've been extremely busy with visiting family and work and the past few months have just flown by! I can't believe that March is almost over! Well, here's what we've been up to lately!

For Thanksgiving we were able to drive down to Houston and visit my family for Thanksgiving. It was tons of fun and I can't believe how fast my siblings are growing up! Here's some pictures to highlight what we did!

We spent lots of time hanging out and lots of eating! Here's a picture of me, Karissa and Kaylee and then one of Kelcie and Grandma cooking.

We were also able to go swimming! Thank you for heated pools!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving break without watching BYU football beat Utah! Go Cougars!

Here's some pictures that make me wonder how any of us turned out to be normal! Love you dad!

It was so much fun seeing my family and getting to hang out (as if you can't tell)!

For Christmas, we were able to go to Oregon and spend time with Justin's family. We spent plenty of time relaxing and seeing family. Here's a few pictures, but I'm still missing a few from other family members.

We were able to stay with Justin's dad and they even got a little video game time!

We were also able to Justin's mom and his grandparents!

Other than these two vacations we've just been busy with work. When I say busy I really mean busy! Justin's had a couple of weeks where he would get off of work until somewhere between 10 PM and 1 AM. Needless to say, life's been pretty crazy! We have lots of stuff to look forward to though! I'm looking forward to summer break and not having to worry about the craziness of work and we have been planning a cruise that we're going on with my family in June.

Sorry again for the long delay! I'm going to work on being better about updating!