September 14, 2010

Karter Peyton

Just wanted to let everybody know that Karter Peyton was born last friday (9/10)! We are home now and trying to get into a routine with two girls. Things have been crazy, but great.

Birth story

I woke up Friday morning at 7:30 in pain, but I didn't think I was having contractions because they felt nothing like the contractions I had with Koryn. After about 20 minutes of pain I convinced Justin I would be okay and told him to go to work so he wouldn't be late for his meeting. However, once I started timing how often I was in pain I noticed it was happening ever 3-4 minutes (this was about 30 minutes after the pain started). I called Justin and told him to come home. Luckily he was still driving and wasn't too far away. I finished packing up last minute things and called our friends that were going to watch Koryn for us. As soon as Justin was home we left for the hospital (about 8:30 AM). We got to the hospital and met our friends at the door to hand off Koryn. They volunteered to move our car and transfer everything so we took off inside. We went straight to the maternity floor and they put me directly in a room. As soon as they could, they checked me and I was already at 9 cm! I was only 3-4 at my dr. appt 3 days earlier. About 1 minute later my water broke and about 5 minutes later Karter was born. The nurses didn't even have time to put an IV in. I wasn't planning on ever giving birth without pain meds, but when does labor ever go as planned? Karter was born at 8:55 (15 minutes after getting to the hospital), weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz and was 20.5 inches long. I can't believe how fast everything happened! Luckily our friends moved the car for us or Justin would have missed it all! Our friends that were watching Koryn couldn't believe that in the time it took to move the cars, get Koryn's bag and come back upstairs, Karter was born. I guess she was in a hurry :) Everything is going well and Koryn is loving her little sister.

I'll post more pictures once they're on my computer and I can sort through them.