May 25, 2010

Charleston Trip - Day 2

So, our adventure continued today. We got an early start and headed to the South Carolina aquarium. We saw otters, eagles, penguins, fish, turtles and such. Koryn loved the animals. Her favorite was a group of fish that would "kiss" her hand when she put it up to the glass. She also liked the turtles.

After the aquarium, we went to lunch. Koryn fell asleep in the on the way to the restaurant. I couldn't figure out how she could sleep while going over some of the bumpiest terrain and loudest road noise possible along the way.

Later, we went on a tour of Ft. Sumter. We took a ferry across the bay and when we got there we had a great time learning about the fort and the history of the area.

We went swimming this evening and out for dinner. It's been a great day. Still two more to go.

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